NHL betting at Parimatch

Pari-Match is one of the most popular bookmakers for wager. Here betters can bet on different sports. And especially for one of the most popular, as well as the oldest hockey leagues in the world, the NHL. This is a very unpredictable league.

How to bet on Parimatch

Experienced people know the best number of offices and the principle of their work. But for starters this is worth understanding. So, to bet on a match bet, Betters need to hastily enter an account or register to go to the left window, Parimatch select “Hockey”, then “NHL”, then Betters need to select directly the team on which Better will bet (x 1 – the first team) (x2 – the second team) or a draw (x), choose the odds, make the desired amount of bets, and they are all in the game!

NHL moneyline

Betting in the NHL, as in other sports, has its kinds:

For example, a banal bet on the result, when they (betters) are offered to choose the winner of the match or bet on a draw in the NHL, and in general, betters can bet on the result of winning with overtime. There is also a bet with a handicap. For example, by setting the odds (+1.5), they support the selected team so that it does not lose more than one puck. There is also the so-called.

Everything that happens is of two kinds, more and less. Due to the peculiarities of hockey, there are several special bets, such as overtime or hooligans, etc.

NHL puck line betting

Puck bets in the NHL are of several types.

Fast puck:

What is the puck line in the NHL? In short, this is a value that indicates bid options. For example, the favorite line – 1.5, the outsider +1.5. All because hockey is more dynamic and therefore more productive. In order for the bet on the favorite to “come in”, he must win from an outsider with a difference of two goals, and the outsider must either win sensationally or lose, but only with a difference of one goal. The best, who usually bet this type, can either bet on the favorite and win less, or bet on the outsider and win more, respectively.

NHL totals (over/under)

There are several types of totals in the NHL. As mentioned above, the total amount above, for example, TV (3) means that the match will end with at least three goals. Only less TM (2.5). means that 2 or more goals will be scored in the match. There is also an individual total betting hockey players. Bet on the number of effective actions of an individual player. General fines, general throws, etc.

NHL parlay wagering

Is it possible to make more money betting on the NHL or at least lose less money? Of course, if the ratio is high. But would like to think about some bet on the NHL. What it means? This means that they place multiple bets on separate events and combine them into one stack. The risk of such bets is that if the betters do not “go” at least one bet, the betters will lose all their money. But if all goes well, they will receive a much larger amount than if you bet on one NHL event. If betters make one stack in one market, the chances of winning increase, but the amount of this win will be less.

NHL future wagering

Betters would also like to consider a topic such as NHL futures. In short, these are the best bets on future events. Be it an NHL winner or the Stanley Cup. Once the bet is made, it is fixed with the appropriate odds at the time of the bet. in addition to NHL futures concluded before the start of the regular season, it can be issued directly during the season. Also a very popular topic for the best is futures bets on future awards, such as the award for the best striker in defense (Selke Trophy).

Betting tips

There are also some tips on betting on the NHL and hockey in general. Let’s start with the fact that this is a very unpredictable league, and hockey in general is more dynamic than football and more goals are scored here. The main highlight of hockey is that often there are feelings not because of individual performers, but because of the genius of the coach, adherence to tactics. It is worth conducting a detailed analysis of betters chosen team. And it should be borne in mind that teams that play in a day or two more often lose. Better can make a solid profit by placing a handicap or total, placing a favorite in the team against a team with the disqualification of leading players. It is not easy for Betters to guess the owner of the most prestigious hockey playoff trophy – the Stanley Cup. The problem for Betters is that in this league the teams are more or less equal and there is no clear favorite or hegemon who would stamp victories. Each of the teams will sooner or later have to feel defeated. Analyzing individual matches will take a little longer, and this does not mean that the tournament becomes less spectacular. How to choose the most effective tactics place bets and choose the matches themselves. You need to understand that you need first of all betters choose a favorite and analyze all its matches and choose the ones that will help you achieve the desired result. Or if betters are too lazy to conduct such an in-depth analysis of matches, choose for yourself 2-3 teams that you know, and according to this knowledge, try to predict the outcome of matches.

Pros of NHL betting on Parimatch

And finally, why bet on sports online bookmakers Parimatch. First, because it is a legal licensed bookmaker with a wide range of bets on NHL matches, high odds and various bonuses. It is worth betting wisely!