Parimatch / How to bet on sports in Parimatch

In the betting company Parimatch, bets are accepted in live and prematch. The conclusion of transactions is available to registered users with a sufficient amount of money on the game wallet.


In this article, we will tell you how to bet on Parimatch and what types of transactions are available. We will also give some pieces of advice to novice players.


Types of bets in Parimatch


There are three types of bets on Parimatch:


  • ordinaries;
  • expresses;
  • systems.


Ordinaries are single deals, while expresses and systems are multibets, the coupon of which consists of at least several events.


In Parimatch, not only bets on the main outcomes are available, but also forecasts for additional options from the list. The most common types of bets are:


  • main outcomes;
  • totals;
  • accurate score;
  • handicap;
  • statistics;
  • double chance;
  • combined deals.


In one coupon, you can use events from the live line and prematch at the same time.


Single bet


Single sports bets Parimatch are deals for one event. Such predictions are easier to make. It is especially recommended to use single deals in live, as in this mode, quotes change quickly, and while adding the following events to the coupon, the odds for the first selected game can change dramatically.




Parimatch parlay bets are accepted for at least two events. The coefficients of each of the selected outcomes are multiplied among themselves and form the final quote. The calculation of such a coupon is carried out in the same way as the ordinary. The transaction amount is multiplied by the exchange rate. But in express bets, some events can be calculated as a return. In this case, these outcomes are taken into account with a coefficient of 1.0. The coupon will still be winning, but the final quote will be lower.


There is a limit on the maximum odds in express bets. The course cannot exceed 2000.00. If, after reaching this mark, you continue to add events to the coupon, the final quote will not change.


How to bet on Parimatch


To place a single bet, follow these steps:


  1. log in to the site or through the Parimatch app;
  2. log in;
  3. make sure you have enough funds on your balance for the desired trade or make a deposit;
  4. go to line and select live or prematch;
  5. open the required match;
  6. Select the outcome you are interested in and click on the appropriate odds. It can be either a victory for one of the parties or additional options from the painting;
  7. indicate the amount on the coupon;
  8. confirm the bid.


In expresses and systems, the algorithm of actions is identical. The only difference is that after choosing the first outcome, continue adding the following events using the same method. When all matches are selected, at the top of the coupon, specify the bet type of express (enabled by default when selecting two or more matches) or the system. After that, enter the amount and confirm the deal.


Tips for beginners


Newcomers to sports betting often try to hit high odds or make a lot of predictions on everything in an attempt to win more. But this is the wrong approach.


Sports predictions should be treated like a hobby. You should not count on playing in a bookmaker’s office as the main source of your income. Sports are unpredictable. And even quote 1.01 does not guarantee a win.


It is recommended not to scatter over a large number of sports. It is better to bet on one discipline. And experienced players are advised to concentrate on a few tournaments. You need to bet on those events which you understand best. This will increase the chances of a successful betting game. But if you bet on everything, this is an almost guaranteed way to lose your bankroll.


For beginners in sports betting, it is recommended to start making deals with singles. It is much more difficult to win in parlays, although the odds in such coupons look much more attractive.


Never play with borrowed money or funds, the loss of which can cause significant damage to your personal budget. Set aside a portion of the money that you don’t mind losing. In this case, a loss will be regarded as a payment for pleasant entertainment, and a win can be a pleasant bonus.


Also take into account the peculiarities of bets in live and prematch. Some players find it easier to make deals before the game starts, with enough time for analysis. It is easier for others to bet by directly observing the course of a sports confrontation.


Treat the game with care. Additionally, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the responsible gambling policy, which is offered by the betting company Parimatch.



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